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MGB Launch Network Rail Approved Signal Aspect Flashing Relay

MGB's MaGBlu SAFR is a new signal flashing aspect control unit which has been developed using BR930 relay type `plug-in` technology.This unit is one of a number of new products being developed by MGB Engineering Ltd which uses modular internal components aimed at reducing development time, improving reliability and the cost of provision.

Typical applications would include:

New Works - The standard MaGBlu unit with standard BR930 type `relay` base would normally be applied in order to reap the benefits of size and plug-in technology.

Direct Replacement of Existing Units - where there is a requirement to replace existing BR991 sized units `like for like`, this is simply performed by the installation of the MaGBlu SAFR Adaptor Plate which mimics the existing wiring arrangements and provides the new BR930 base for the MaGBlu SAFR unit.

A few of the benefits of using the MaGBlu SAFR include:

  • Backwards compatible with the existing units using the MaGBlu SAFR Adaptor Plate
  • Easy maintenance replacement due to BR930 size plug-in technology
  • BR930 size reduces space requirements and possibly the number of housing required
  • Ability to operate incandescent and LED signals

Type Approved PD No 086/009307 for use on Network Rail