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Rail Sector - Signalling

Using our proven standardised approach and modular engineering expertise we can deliver solutions much more efficiently thus taking risk out of the ‘critical’ construction path. All products are designed, assembled and tested by our fully integrated team.

The comprehensive product range includes:

MaGBox Range

  • Location Cases (LOC's)
  • Relocatable Equipment Building (REB’s)
  • Free Standing Equipment Racks
  • Disconnection Boxes
  • In Route Disconnect Housing
  • Heavy Duty Composite Housings

MaGBitz Range

  • Sub-Assemblies
  • Location Case Sun Shades
  • Plug Coupler Assemblies

MaGBlu Range

  • Signal Aspect Flashing Relay (SAFR)
  • Earth Leakage Detector (ELD)

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