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Rail Sector - Shrouding

The electricity at work act requires live parts which are able to be raised to a potential of 25V ac  or 60V ripple free dc or are able to be supplied with a current exceeding 25A shall be protected by a barrier compliant to IP2X. Many parts of Network Rail's signalling infrastructure do not comply with this requirement.

The Magshield 2BA has been designed to provide a simple and safe barrier which can be installed in a non-intrusive manner on 2BA terminals in compliance with Network Rail letter of instruction NR/BS/LI/320 issued on 2nd January 2014.

This is an urgent requirement following an ORR instruction to Network Rail to make improvements to comply with the electricity at work act on their signalling infrastructure.

The Magshield 2BA has been developed with simplicity in mind whilst meeting all specifications. It can be fitted by one person using a 2BA nut-runner. This tool is a part of the standard signalling maintenance kit ensuring no special tooling is required.

Each individual Magshield 2BA can be fitted in less than 10 seconds. Therefore, a typical signalling location case with between 20 and 30 2BA blocks can be retro-fitted and fully protected and compliant with the letter of instruction NR_BS_LI_320 in around 15 minutes.



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